Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What happens if it rains while I’m there?
    We do not give refunds for weather.
  2. Can I bring alcoholic drinks?
    No, alcohol is prohibited on the property.
  3. Can I bring my pet?
    No, however the owner’s dogs are on the property at times.
  4. If I rent a seasonal boat dock space, can we use the beach?
    Yes, renting a boat dock gives you and your immediate family access to the beach during regular business hours. However, additional guests must pay the admission fee.

How To Questions

  1. How do I go about renting a kayak/rowboat?
    You can rent a boat in the store. They will give you the proper equipment for the boats and tell you the rules of taking out a boat. We hold on to your license or car keys until the boat and equipment is returned.
  2. How do I rent toys or a grill?
    For toys and balls, we ask for a deposit of a personal item, such as a towel, item of clothing, or a dollar etc. For the charcoal grills, we ask for a cash deposit and we hold your license until the grill is return. Once the rented items are returned, the deposits are returned to the customer.
  3. Am I allowed to use all of the towers and slide etc?
    Everyone must take a swim test before they are allowed to go in the deep end. If the lifeguards conclude that you passed the test, you are allowed to go to the deep end of the swimming area. If you do not pass, you must stay behind the designated ropes. The lifeguards have the final decision regarding water safety testing. We also have 2 logs in the deep end. If the lifeguards decide that you are a strong enough swimmer during the test, they may permit you to go out to the logs. For your safety, the logs are only available to strong swimmers.